Know About Das Maha Vidhya

The ten entities of supernormal knowledge are referred as Dasa Maha Vidhya. The Das Mahavidyas are symbolized as Wisdom Goddess.

Das (दस) means ‘ten’, maha (महा) means ‘great’, vidhya (विद्या) means ‘wisdom’. These ten wisdom goddesses have their own name, energy, supremacy, saga and mantras.

These maha vidhyas master all wisdom, all potential – past, present and future. By meditating on das mahavidhya, each goddess bestows blessings and several boons to the practitioner as per her force.

These major forms of das mahavidhya are:

  • Kali (काली)
  • Tara (तारा)
  • Shodshi (षोडशी)
  • Bhuvaneshwari (भुवनेश्वरी)
  • Bhairavi (भैरवी)
  • Chhinamasta (छिन्नमस्ता)
  • Dhumavati (धूमावती)
  • Bagalamukhi (बगलामुखी)
  • Matangi (मातंगी)
  • Kamala (कमला)


Mahavidhya Kali
Mahavidhya Kali

The first Goddess among das mahavidhya is KALI – Goddess Kali’s form is fearful with dark colored body, untied and loosen hair, she has four arms, one hand holding a skull and other a curved sword with blood dripping from it.

Other two arms are in the gestures of giving freedom from fear and other is giving blessing.

Kali is beyond time. She has the Power of Time. She takes away the darkness and fills us with the light of Wisdom, She resides in the cremation grounds, where all creation dissolves.

Among all Mahavidhyas Kali responds quicker but also tests her devotees and if they fail, she destroys them. She makes her devotees face the effects of past life karma forcefully.


Mahavidhya Tara

The second Goddess among das mahavidhya is TARA – Goddess Tara is blue in color with tangled hair and terrifying face with tongue out.

On her head are five half moons. She has four arms holding a lotus, a sword, a drinking bowl and a bell. She has three eyes, a large belly.

Tara is also known as Taarini, which means one who makes her devotee overcome. Tara is the illuminator; she illuminates all her devotees’ outlook.


Mahavidhya Shodshi

The third Goddess among das mahavidhya is SHODSHI – Goddess Shodshi is the most beautiful young lady of sixteen years, Mahavidhya in her Shodshi form manifest excellence and radiant beauty.

She is the power of perfection and the beauty of pure perception.

Goddess Shodshi guides her worshippers to move beyond the perception of form into the delightful union of seen and seer and see the divine beauty in everything.


Mahavidhya Bhuvaneshwari

The fourth Goddess among das mahavidhya is BHUVANESHAWARI – Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is ruler and protector of the Universe.

She is the power of knowledge.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is seated on a lotus. She is red in color; her body is glowing and shining with jewels.

She holds a noose and a curved sword in two of her hands and other two hands are in gesture of blessing and freedom from fear. Her worship bestows protection and everlasting knowledge to her devotee.


Mahavidhya Bhairavi

The fifth Goddess among das mahavidhya is BHAIRAVI – Goddess Bhairavi is the form of Kali.

Bhairavi is the time factor, which fructifies karma, can dissolve everything into itself and recreate. She is in the rising sun.

She has four arms in which she holds a chant garland, book and other two hands are in the gesture of blessing and freedom from fear and she has three red colored eyes.

Bhairavi bestows inner light and removes nine impediments of mind. Her fire of truth destroys all impediments.


Mahavidhya Chhinamasta

The sixth Goddess among das mahavidhya is CHHINAMASTA – Goddess Chhinamasta is beheaded goddess who sacrifices.

She decollated herself and held her head in her hand as blood spurts forth from her neck. She evinced the rare courage needed to make the highest understandable sacrifice.

Goddess Chhinamasta guides her worshipers to liberate their selves from the longing for sensory inputs and deepens the capacity of the individual to sacrifice and share oneself with all.

All the negative attributes of nature are to be casted off in the process.


Mahavidhya Dhumavati

The seventh Goddess among das mahavidhya is DHUMAVATI – Goddess Dhumawati is the widow form of the Goddess Parvati. Dhuma means smoke.

Dhumawati is also depicted as an ugly woman without any jewelry and wearing widow apparel.

Goddess Dhumavati denotes sacrifice and removes all frustration and quandary, freedom from disgrace.

Mahavidhya Dhumawati bestows their worshiper the blessing of enjoyment of sorrow, compassion and mental health.

She reveals the hidden potential behind suffering, ugliness and senility.


Mahavidhya Baglamukhi

The eighth Goddess among das mahavidhya is BAGALAMUKHI – Goddess Bagalamukhi is the power to stop speech.

Mahavidhya Bagalamukhi silences the mouths and words of all evil beings, and controls their tongues.

She bestows all kinds of perfection to devotees who pray to her.

She put down all negativity, confusion and doubt with her power of the truth and controls her devotee’ foes and those who seek to harm her devotee.


Mahavidhya Matangi
Mahavidhya Matangi

The ninth Goddess among das mahavidhya is MATANGI – Goddess Matangi is supernatural power to gain control over foes, attracting people to one self, acquire command over the arts and ultimate knowledge.

Matangi is also known as Tantric Saraswati.

Goddess Matangi is emerald green in color. She has four arms in which she holds a noose, sword, goad and a club.

Mahavidhya Matangi bestows her devotees the power to gain control over others, attract people and to have everything and her devotee powerful and wealthy.


Mahavidhya Kamala
Mahavidhya Kamala

The tenth Goddess among das mahavidhya is KAMALA – Goddess Kamala symbolizes wealth.

She is a form of Goddess Lakshmi.

Mahavidhya Kamala is golden in color and seated on lotus. She has four arms, in two arms she holds lotus flower and other two hands are in the gesture of blessing and free from fear.

Mahavidhya Kamala bestows prosperity & wealth, fertility & crops and fortune & good luck to her devotees.

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